November 26, 2021

Loss of Waterfront History

MacBride Museum is saddened by the loss of the Redliner. Whitehorse waterfront history has been disappearing piece by piece over the last 75 years.  While this car was a more modern one from the White Pass, it was representative of the rail and its importance in our community's transportation history. The Roundhouse, the Rail tracks, the objects that are owned by MacBride and interpreted in the Roundhouse are ways to share those stories of our waterfront transportation history.

We are pleased that the quick action of the Whitehorse Fire Department prevented the spread of the fire.  

MacBride interprets the Roundhouse and houses historic Engine 51 of White Pass & Yukon Route within it. MacBride offers waterfront tours incorporating White Pass history, Alaska Highway and World War II history at the Roundhouse and along the waterfront daily in the summer. 

The White Pass and the waterfront are an important era of our collective history and a key part of the birth of our city. This story is one that MacBride has worked on for decades as our founder, Bill MacBride, was the White Pass Press Agent.  

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