2021 Whitehorse Municipal Election and MacBride Museum

October 15, 2021

The Board and staff have sent a questionaire on issues that affect MacBride to the Whitehorse mayoral and councilor candidates. We do this during every election to provide information to MacBride's members and supporters on each party's positions. The replies we’ve received are linked below, presented in the same order as found on the City of Whitehorse's official list of candidates. Candidate names without links did not provide a reply.

Mayoral Candidates

Councilor Candidates


In 2020, MacBride was strongly impacted by the collapse of the tourism economy.  We laid off two of our three full-time employees, reduced hours of service to the public by 30% and cut our summer staff by 50%. Nonetheless we did remain open to the public throughout the year and offered events and programs to school, locals and visitors all with COVID protocols. 

At the same time, MacBride entered into an agreement with Yukon where MacBride provided additional services and Yukon provided funding for the taxes to the City. This is a three year agreement ending next year. At the same time, the City put over $10M of surplus into their reserves. We appreciate the support of Yukon Government on this issue. 

MacBride received support from the City in the form of a 100% exemption from 1952 to 2018. The members believe that the City should contribute to the organizations that make our community such a wonderful place to live.  The members also believe that the City should support museums with a 100% tax exemption so that we can focus all our resources on serving the public and caring for the Yukon’s collections.

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