School Programs

MacBride Museum is offering COVID-compliant school tour and programs. Pre-book for special tours and Yukon-themed programs for kindergarten to Grade 12.

MacBride Museum is open all winter.  We are offering tours and programs for students by appointment.  MacBride has a large space to social distance and we have adjusted program content to be COVID-aware with more focus on tour and a bit less hands-on activity.   

MacBride is walking distance from several Whitehorse schools.   All programs are a $75 flat fee/class and programs run from 45 to 90 minutes in duration.  

MacBride offers unique educational experiences for your students. These programs are a fun way to engage students in exploring the Yukon’s environment and amazing history. 

MacBride Museum’s programs include the BC curriculum competencies for science and/or social studies, including:

1. Use Social Studies inquiry process and skills to: ask questions; gather, interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions.
2. Explain the significance of personal or local events, objects, people, and places.
3. Ask questions, make inferences, and draw conclusions about different types of sources (evidence).
4. Sequence objects, images, and events and recognize the positive and negative aspects of continuity and change.

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Duration: 45-90 minutes
Grade Level: K-7
This program also explains how we learn about the past by examining the things people leave behind.
Curriculum Connections
1. Compare how Aboriginal and European cultures met common needs
2. Describe various ways people exchanged goods and services
3. Demonstrate understanding of events as part of a chronological series

Students will act as archaeologists to uncover real bones and artifacts in our dig box (this portion is not avaialble during COVID).

All About Bears

Duration: 45-90 minutes
Grade Level: K-3
Students will walk in the footsteps of these amazing creatures by exploring their habitats, food sources and survival mechanisms. The program also explains how people and bears co-exist safely and why bears can become a nuisance. Students will understand that researching animals is one way to learn about the environment.
Curriculum Connections
1. Differentiate between the bears that live in the Yukon
2. Describe the basic needs of bears
3. Describe ways bears are important to other species and the environment


Yukon Mammals

Duration: 45-90 minutes
Grade Level: K-7                                                                                                                                             

This program is based on the MacBride Museum’s wildlife collection. It looks at characteristics, adaptations and food sources of animals that live in the Yukon.
Curriculum Connections
1. Identify common Yukon mammals
2. Describe the basic needs of Yukon mammals
3. Describe how animals are important to other living species and the environment


From Dot-Dot-Dash to L-O-L

Duration: 45-90 minutes
Grade Level: 5-7
Students will research historical methods of Yukon media communication and explore if different types of media affect our understanding of events. A tour of the Telegraph Office exhibit is part of this program.


Researching Historical Evidence

Duration: 45-90 minutes 
Grade Level: 4-7
Students will be able to explain what a museum does, how to review and question historical documents including photos and how to fit personal and local history into the larger historical picture.


The Fur Trade

Duration: 45-90 minutes 
Grade Level: 4-6
Learn about early trade in the Yukon through an exploration of exhibit items, a hands-on discovery of trade items and a trading activity.


Yukon Gold Rush

Duration: 45-90 minutes
Grade Level: 4-5
Discover why the Klondike Gold Rush was an important event in the development of the Yukon and Canada. Dress in costume, explore artifacts and archives to get an understanding of who the stampeders were and what their lives were like.


Murder at Gold Bottom

Duration: 1 hour
Grade Level: 4-6
This program focuses on NWMP history in the Yukon, Klondike Gold Rush-era lifestyles and forensics. Students will act as detectives and examine documents and evidence to solve a fictional mystery based on facts (cir. 1896-1930).
Curriculum Connections
1. Identify and clarify a problem, issue or inquiry
2. Gather and record a body of information from a variety of sources
3. Develop alternative interpretations from varied sources
4. Use an outline to organize information into a coherent presentation


End of Steel, Head of Navigation: The Development of Whitehorse

Duration: 1-2 hours
Grade Level: 3-5
Students build the city of Whitehorse using giant puzzle pieces, and don costumes to act out a play. This program focuses on the development of Whitehorse between 1900 and 1920, when its rail and river traffic peaked.
Curriculum Connections
1. Describe the historical development of Whitehorse
2. Describe how the physical environment influences human activity
3. Identify how matter changes when heated and cooled


Extra! Extra!

Klondike Women Make History

Duration: 45-90 minutes
Grade Level: 6
This program introduces students to the varied experiences of women during the Klondike Gold Rush, and the contributions they made to this extraordinary event in Yukon’s history.
Curriculum Connections
1. Compare individual rights and social responsibilities in various cultures
2. Assess the relationship between cultures and their environments
3. Describe daily life, work, family structures and gender roles in the Yukon


Night at the Museum - not available during COVID. 

Find out whether those animals in the Wild World Gallery actually come to life at night. Bring your class in to have a sleepover at the museum. Choose any two programs from the list below, take a specialized museum tour and watch a movie. 
COST: $350/class
*This program is not available during our summer season and is subject to staff availability

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