Nurse in the North

Join Laurel Deedrick-Mayne as she discusses her great aunt Amy Wilson's memoir of her work as a nurse in the Yukon and northern BC.

Amy was stationed in Whitehorse when on December 17th, 1949 she got the call about the “bad sickness” at a remote summer camp. This December marks the 70th anniversary of that Diphtheria Outbreak in Northern BC, which led to “Operation Toxoid”, delivering anti-toxin to the stricken, vaccine to everyone else and arranging for desperately needed food, clothing and other supplies all along the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek to Whitehorse. The events were widely reported locally and nationally (Time Magazine) and a special award ceremony where distinguished service pins werepresented to Amy and her colleague who joined in the operation. All the accolades meant little to Amy as she humbly accepted every challenge as part and parcel of serving the Indigenous people of the north who she “liked more than a little.” 

with Special Guests Ellen Davignon and Marnie Ryder

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