Vision & Mission

MacBride Museum is a non-profit society with charitable status. We rely on the financial support of individuals and corporations to put forth a rich variety of programs and exhibits as well as to care for our community's valued collections.


MacBride Museum illustrates, preserves and protects the Yukon’s history.


MacBride is a dynamic museum, dedicated to promoting the value, understanding and enjoyment of Yukon history.


MacBride Museum will be a community place for Yukoners to share the stories of the Yukon and Whitehorse. MacBride will be a place to illustrate our history and provide opportunities for everyone to learn and create new experiences.


  • accountability to public expectations
  • stewardship of the collections entrusted to our care
  • respect for diversity
  • objectivity in presenting information
  • excellence in product and service

Current Function, Future Objectives:

Being a Museum is our core business. We will focus on this role and add activities to complement it.

Archives and Research:

MacBride will be a centre of excellence in heritage research. MacBride is an accredited archive and offers knowledgeable staff and resources.


MacBride will collect, protect and interpret artifacts that illustrate the Yukon’s history.


MacBride will undertake permanent and temporary exhibits to illustrate the history of the Yukon.


Ensure that the organization has adequate facilities to undertake our mandate.


MacBride will present high quality educational programming linked to curriculum. The Museum will partner with students, educational institutions, and educators to deliver these programs. Additionally, the Museum will deliver historically themed programs for adults, families and children.


In all our endeavours, we will seek partnerships.


MacBride management and staff will ensure that collections are managed to high professional standards.  The Board will attempt to provide long-term employment to retain skilled employees.


Approved by Board annually